About Me

I am a PhD student at CU-Boulder. I am currently a research assistant, co-advised by Prof. Liz Bradley, Prof. Orit Peleg, and Prof. Francisco López Jiménez. My work is at the intersection of computer science, physics, and ecology. I am broadly interested in using data-driven computational modeling to study the underlying rules and patterns that govern emergent behavior in complex systems. My current focus is on the collective behavior of honeybees. I study the questions related to how local interactions among individuals can lead to global patterns for successful problem-solving and adaptability at the collective level.

If these topics interests you, please listen to the PNAS Science Session podcast, where we described our most recent paper, “Crystallography of honeycomb formation under geometric frustration“. You can also read more about this research in an interview I did with the University of Colorado College of Engineering and Applied Science.